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How to use your Waff. A holistic program with several themes.
All the exercises presented can be done on the Classic or Elite range.
This program consists of exercises on the Waff Mini, Medium and Max

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Discover the fundamental basics of using your Waff in this free webinar.

What is WAFF ® ?

We make a commitment to each of our clients that the use of a Waff and our recommendations bring a new awareness of the body and vitality.

  • What is a Waff

    The design of the Waff was created with 3D technology for the benefit of the human body. The technology implemented by the Waff® brand, as well as the quality of the materials used, contribute to the overall experience of wellness. The Waff are designed for all morphologies and accessible to all ages. All members of the same family can use a Waff® for different purposes. Give yourself time to visit our site in depth, whatever Waff you use, the promise is kept.

  • Mission statements

    We are aware of the positive impact of physical exercise on general health. We support the need for relaxation and letting go for physical and mental balance. We are happy to contribute to the improvement of people's overall well-being through quality products. We are proud to share our discoveries and solutions at prices accessible to as many people as possible.

  • Who we are

    We are surgeons, specialized teachers, doctors, physiotherapists, sports paramedics, osteopaths, coaches, national and international athletes, all aware of the contributions of the Waff in a person's life. Each one of us has brought his culture, his vision, his solutions, his experience, to make possible the promise of a better perception of oneself, and a better exploitation of one's neuromuscular potential.



Head of Department Gynaecology & Obstetrics CHU Nîmes. Head of the Pain Assessment and Treatment Centre. President of the GRIRG (research and innovation group in genital restoration).

Pierre Mares




Specialist in general, digestive and bariatric surgery at Montpellier University Hospital. International ambassador of bariatric surgery. President of the League against Obesity.

David Nocca




Head of Department specialising in Geriatrics & Gerontology.

Marylin Kalfa


The Waff is an ideal partner for these unique moments...

Pregnancy is a privileged moment in a woman's life, it is also the time when the family does everything possible to offer the best conditions to the mother. This state of absolute relaxation promotes drainage of the lower limbs and relieves muscle tension.

The perfect fitness partner

The Waff allows all the qualities of muscular work, offering both a safe environment and the elimination of support zones that can cause discomfort or pain. The Waff allows to work all parts of the body with an optimal recruitment of the muscular chains, without joint overwork. The Waff develops physical qualities: coordination, strength, power, stability, mobility, proprioception, reaction speed. The images are never spectacular but the internal sensations are, the exercises are shorter and more effective at the same time. The variety of possibilities and the permanent playful aspect offer long hours of pleasure to the users.

Waff Academy

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Masseur Physiotherapist DE Sports Physiotherapist (SFMKS) Postgraduate degree in physical preparation engineering. Osteopath DO Master 2 Educational Science OF the management of the obese patient

Maxime Verbert

Masseur Physiotherapist DE



Osteopath (Los Angeles), Osteopath for the French Basketball Team, Private Consultant for high level athletes (NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, Football)

Fabrice Gautier




I am a strength & conditioning coach, nutrition consultant, sport scientist, and writer in the LA area. I work with professional athletes all the way to individuals looking to restore/optimize their health and performance. Though I began my career in traditional fitness, falling ill at a young age forced me to evolve and discover integrative health. By combining interdisciplinary health with strength & conditioning, I can better identify the origin of health & performance limiters and turn them into strengths.I specialize in bridging the gap from rehab to strength & conditioning, basketball, football, and combat sports athletes.

Matt Cooper

strength & conditioning coach

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